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Burnmouth Construction is run by Sue Gemmell and specialises in the use of stone to design and build all manner of high quality construction work. Sue has already completed various projects including stone walls, patio gardens and water features.
In addition to this she has completed major projects including full restorations of derelict buildings. In carrying out this work Sue has created classic, comfortable dwellings that manage to retain the best features of the original property.

The material used in some of these projects has been sourced from period buildings due for demolition. The stone is regraded and then reused to provide a traditional look and feel. For other projects newly quarried stone has been used.

Please visit the Photos section to see photographs showing some of the work previously completed.
If you are interested in employing Burnmouth Construction or have any questions about their work, contact details are available in the Contact Us section.
Burnmouth Construction are building holiday cottages that will be available to let soon. For information on these click here.